Hiring: editor-in-chief, Learnvest


 I’m doing some consulting to LearnVest.com—mostly staffing and editorial strategy development—and we’re looking to hire an editor-in-chief for the site. The job description is as follows:

LearnVest (LV) is looking for an Editor in Chief to oversee the content strategy, creation and tone of all content on the Learnvest.com website.  This Executive level position will work closely with the LV management team to determine overall editorial strategy and creation of content.  This person will be responsible for managing a growing internal staff of writers / editors, freelance writers and syndication partnerships.  


•    Work with Executive team to determine the ongoing strategic direction of content included on the site including tone and new product roll out strategy
•    Primary responsibility for all content affiliated with LearnVest including Daily Newsletters, Blog and the core www.learnvest.com site
•    Management responsibility for all staff writers / editors
•    Oversight of video strategy 
•    Budget oversight for all aspects of content creation
•    Generate creative and innovative ideas to expand user-base and build the LearnVest brand

•    Minimum of 5 years editorial experience in magazine or online publishing
•    Experience in editorial management position the includes both supervisory and budgetary responsibilities
•    Ability to define and articulate an editorial vision and the ability to lead a team in implementing this vision
•    Strong experience in generating content / story ideas, assigning stories and managing a freelance budget (this includes identifying appropriate freelancers and directing the entire outside contributor process)
•    History or creating text, video and interactive tools content
•    Web production experience with some community / social experience
•    Ability to work under daily deadline pressure
•    Key relationships with or access to experienced freelance writers
•    Team player able to work with great autonomy and initiative

Interested parties should send resumes and cover letters to careers AT learnvest.com and CC: espiers AT gmail.com

posted : Thursday, September 9th, 2010

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